1. What is the main difference between Touch based P.O.S and your wireless system?

  • The handheld units aloud servers to access the system from anyplace in the restaurant, in the other hand, with a touch based system, servers have to travel to the closest Touch point.
  • When you reduce the server’s travel range also you are reducing the total service time.
  • Servers with a wireless handheld take the order from the table directly to system, when they use a touch screen point, they have to transcribe their notes from their handbook to the touch terminal.
  • You save paper and pens.

2. What is the wireless system range?

  • It depends on the type of technology that you use and the quantity of access points, the distances using just 1 access point is between 100 - 300 feet.

3. How long takes to print the order in the kitchen when the server click the send button?

  • All transactions are in real time, the exactly time depends on the server and printer specifications but usually takes 1/5 seconds.
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